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Interested in Joining Sturgeon Kendo?

Our NEXT NEW STUDENT INTAKE for the SPRING SEMESTER runs from May 8 - 21, 2023! Simply follow the instructions below to join us!

Sturgeon Kendo NEW STUDENT INTAKE starts in May!

Step 1) Find the Beginner's or Kid's Kendo class on on our CLASSES page

Step 2) Check the CALENDAR for the intake periods (if applicable) for the class you wish to join, then simply show up to one of the classes during the intake period!

  • Advanced Classes accept new members year round! If you've achieved the rank of ikkyu simply contact us for details!

  • Kid's Kendo, Junior Kendo, and the Adult Beginners classes accept new students in of September, January, and May

Step 3) Head on over to the FORMS page and complete the Registration form and the waiver, and we'll confirm your information

Step 4) You'll be invited to join the next available practice! (Regular gym attire is recommended!)

  • Kid's, Juniors, and Adult Beginners can attend our trial period without cost, and will only be billed for September if you decide to stay!

Step 5) Familiarize yourself with our INSTRUCTORS or check out Kendo EQUIPMENT suppliers , and let us know if you have any questions!

Questions? Contact us!

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