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Sturgeon Kendo Club is a registered Not for Profit run entirely by volunteers. It is considered an honour to instruct students in the martial art of kendo, and none of our teachers or managers are paid. Our fee structure covers our costs, which allows us to keep fees low for our members.



     Sturgeon Kendo Club uses PayPal as our payment system. We charge a one-time administrative startup fee of $80 when joining the club at any level.  This charge covers  the student's first shinai and administration fees. We then charge a fee of $160 per semester  for the Children's Class (billed at $40 a month), and $320 per semester for Juniors  and Adult Beginners (billed at $80 a month). Our Advanced Class and Edmonton Extended Memberships aren't semester based, and we accept students into these programs year-round for a monthly fee.

  • Children's Class (6-12 years) - $160/semester billed at $40/month 

  • Junior Kendo ( 12-17 years) - $320/semester billed at $80/month (subscription payment plan available)

  • Adult Beginners - $320/Semester billed at $80/month (subscription payment plan available)

  • Advanced Class - $80/month (subscription payment plan available)

  • Edmonton Extended Membership - $40/month



     Sturgeon Kendo has  a limited number of rental sets of Bogu for the Kids Kendo and Junior Kendo programs:

  • $100 Refundable Deposit (bogu must be well maintained and returned in good working condition and all rental fees paid in full for the deposit to be returned)

  • $15/month Recurring Rental Fee: in addition to the deposit there is a monthly fee. The fees will continue to accrue until the Bogu is returned in good working order to the club.


     Fees and rental charges invoices are sent on the first of every month. If not paid by the 20th of the month then your account standing will be changed to "Past Due" and you will be assessed a $15 late fee. If payment has not been received by the last day of the month your account will be deactivated, and you will no longer be allowed to attend practice. All outstanding fees and penalties (including an $80 administration fee to reactivate your account) must be paid and your account returned to good standing before a return to practice will be allowed.



     Kendo Canada has their own annual fees paid directly to them and are the responsibility of the individual members. These fees must be paid in order to participate in CKF gradings and tournaments. Our dojo leaders will help new members create their profiles with Kendo Canada, but the management and upkeep of individual CKF memberships is the member's responsibility.

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